Take your kid fishing

Take your kids fishing – there are worse things they could be doing
– By Britto

Regular readers will know I have 3 young sons – all have been mad keen on fishing from a young age, and the youngest is just about to turn 2, and the eldest is 8.

As soon as they came into the world, they seemed fascinated with boats, lures, tackle and things that swim.

At one stage it got to the point I couldn’t out the boat on for a comp or pre-fish without an in depth conversation and negotiation around why one or more couldn’t come.

My eldest, James developed a keen interest in the bream comps, because he watched AFC on the telly, and dad seemed to disappear a lot on these types of adventures.

I tried to fish with him as much as possible outside of comp weekends, however inevitably he started to ask when he could go on a comp.

It was 4 years ago now, that I chose the “Easter Classic” held on Good Friday as his first comp – this is a great family event and promotes juniors quite heavily, and I made a deal that we would fish it every year until he had enough.

This year was slightly different in that we rented a holiday home on the Nerang for Easter, so not only did our boys have fishing, they also had plenty of new things to explored around our new surrounds, and the weather forecast was nothing short of terrible with rain forecast all day.

I must admit when I woke up, I almost turned the alarm off, but I did go and seek counsel from the co-pilot who made the call to fish.

I’ve always wondered what it was like to have a boat moored out the back and all you need to do is get into it off the pontoon and go – I must admit, I could get used to it.

Anyways, under heavy skies, we made our way down the Nerang to the start line at the VMR, and as is always the case, James was very excited, as we tinkered with tackle and decided which lures to use – James is a dedicated Berkley and Abu Garcie man, like his father and he can name most lures and colours.

The plan for us on the day was simple – we had a set of canals that we knew we could rely on for a bag if we persevered, and if everything stuck, we would normally end up in the money.

The lure selection was tandem, – one rig saw Berkley Gulp shrimp and craw, loaded on Nitro jig heads fished on ultra Finesse, 1kg straight through flouorcarbon. The rods were Berkley Venom and Abu Vanguards. The idea is to pitch the plastics as deep into cover and shadows as possible and wait for a bream to pick up on the drop. The second rig was a shallow diving Berley Fat Dog in mongrel or snoop, aimed at pulling them along the sides of hulls and pontoons.

The amount of rain leading up to the event was a worry and the canals were a dense “milo” colour, and I was a little worried about how effective the plastics would be.

We had 3 first in the first 1.5 hours, including 1 for James which was a nice 28cm fork length fish. With 3 fish early I started to relax, which was a mistake. After those first 3, our next 5 bites in a row saw us get comprehensively shredded in deep cover, mainly around jetty poles, as the bream made a spiderweb formation.

Fishing 1kg is a balance, as it buys you more bites, but you will pay a price for it – normally it isn’t that high and whilst I am prepared to write off 2 bites per session, 5 in a row was a little heartbreaking.

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