There are many types of soft plastics, but there are certain plastics that consistently produce Snapper when fishing on the drift.

One of these plastics is a Berkley Nemesis 6.5 Inch. When you have one of these tied to your fluro carbon leader, you can bet if a BIG RED sees it its going to inhale it. The tail action of the Nemesis is only one of many aspects that help make it the most irresistible plastics for Snapper.


Snap 2
The tail action is like that of a worm. When Snapper have there heads down in the sand, its often only a Nemesis that can entice it to strike. The added scent and colour range means you have a dead set winner.

Snap 3

When drifting we like to sound the school up over deep structure, and then try and drift with the wind and tide directly over the school. Often when you hook a fish or two, you can turn around, head back to the start of the same drift line and do it all over again. Once you have found a line that is producing (AKA an epic drift line) the action can be RED HOT.

Snap 1

My gear of choice is the Penn Regiment 6-10KG rod, or the ABU VANGUARD 6-10KG rod, matched with either a Orra S40 or Revo. We choose the 6-10 kilo rods here in SA because the fish tend to be really big and 12-13 Kilo fish are not uncommon. You may find that a 4-8kilo rod that can handle up to 1oz plastics will do the job nicely,

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