Berkley E Motion 7’ 1-3kg – Spinning Rod Review by Adam Royter



The E-Motion rod range is extensive in variety and as with most ranges of rods, there are always sweeter cherries to be pick out of the bunch.

One of those is the 7’ 1-3kg. It’s taken from the extra fast action of the 6’10” ‘Dropshot’ rods we have come to love, with an accentuated action – quite the feat!!

For me, this rod answers the call for light tip lure actions. If you cast surface, stick baits, minnows or the lighter end of soft baits, this is a rod well worth you looking at.

The action of this rod’s tip section allows for some very, very light lure movement, something I think we all have forgotten about. It doesn’t work your arm too hard and it gives your lures the type of breathing space they need to perform at their best.


Although I like quite a few rods in this range, this is one I’ll fight the missus for (she likes it just as much as me!). The length is good, the action is good, the grips are right and the guides are Fuji’s. In one and two piece, how can you say no!


These rods are available at your local Berkley stockist and are priced around $100.00!

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