PowerBait twitchTail review


The 3” Power Minnow (3” bass minnow if you’re old) has been a staple in the tackle bags of Aussie and NZ anglers for nearly 2 decades. It’s the skinny little minnow that catches everything whether it swims in fresh or salt water.

Something I always wanted out of the Power Minnow, but could never get was more tail action. The Twitch Tail has filled that void. With the same skinny bait fish profile as the Power Minnow, the Twitch Tail comes to you with a lobe tail, unlike the Power Minnow with a fork tail.

They say it’s all in the tail, and in this instance it is! Having the tail formed in this way gives it some weight, and through the retrieve the body and tail play a constant catch-up with each other allowing the tail to come forward of the body inducing a manic amount of tail action.

Combine this tail action with the E-Motion BEM070XL, BEM0702XL or BEM6102L and you have some crazy tail action coming your way.

To get the most out of structure fishing with this lure, try a Shaking Retrieve for 2 seconds with a 2 second pause, whilst using 1/24 to 1/16oz jig heads. It’s bang on the money for a heap of different fish species!

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