Nitro Estuary Pro

  • Super strong forged, chemically sharpened Owner Finewire hooks for excellent hook penetration
  • Black nickel coated hooks for added rust resistance
  • Mid hook baitkeeper allows for easy rigging on all types of soft bait material
  • Suitable for a wide range of estuary and freshwater species
  • Available in a wide range of hook sizes and head weights to suit various bait sizes and fishing environments



Berkley’s Nitro Estuary Pro jig heads are perfect for targeting a range of different estuary species. Featuring a super sharp Owner lightwire hook allowing for excellent hook penetration, Berkley Nitro Estuary Pro jig heads are well suited for targeting estuary species such as Bream, Flathead, Whiting, Mangrove Jacks and more. Berkley’s Nitro Estuary Pro jig heads also feature an improved mid hook baitkeeper design for ease of rigging and bait retention on all types of soft bait materials.


1559637NITRO ESTUARY PRO 1/32OZ NO 4641/50oz | 0.6gBlack Chrome$12.99
1559638NITRO ESTUARY PRO 1/32OZ NO 2621/50oz | 0.6gBlack Chrome$12.99
1559670NITRO ESTUARY PRO 1/24OZ NO 4641/50oz | 0.6gBlack Chrome$12.99
1559671NITRO ESTUARY PRO 1/24OZ NO 2621/50oz | 0.6gBlack Chrome$12.99
1559674NITRO ESTUARY PRO 1/16OZ NO 4641/50oz | 0.6gBlack Chrome$12.99
1559675NITRO ESTUARY PRO 1/16OZ NO 2621/50oz | 0.6gBlack Chrome$12.99
1559676NITRO ESTUARY PRO 1/16OZ NO 1611/50oz | 0.6gBlack Chrome$12.99
1559678NITRO ESTUARY PRO 1/12OZ NO 4641/50oz | 0.6gBlack Chrome$12.99
1559679NITRO ESTUARY PRO 1/12OZ NO 2621/50oz | 0.6gBlack Chrome$12.99
1559680NITRO ESTUARY PRO 1/12OZ NO 1611/50oz | 0.6gBlack Chrome$12.99
1559682NITRO ESTUARY PRO 1/8OZ NO 2621/50oz | 0.6gBlack Chrome$12.99
1559683NITRO ESTUARY PRO 1/8OZ NO 1611/50oz | 0.6gBlack Chrome$12.99
1559686NITRO ESTUARY PRO 1/6OZ NO 2621/50oz | 0.6gBlack Chrome$12.99
1559687NITRO ESTUARY PRO 1/6OZ NO 1611/50oz | 0.6gBlack Chrome$12.99
1559690NITRO ESTUARY PRO 1/4OZ NO 1611/50oz | 0.6gBlack Chrome$12.99


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