Gulp! 5″ & 6″ Grub

  • Heavily ribbed body assists multiple rigging options
  • Larger curly tail maximizes water disturbance
  • Three new colours: Green Haze Fleck, Ocean Shift and Violet Haze Fleck
  • Built from the proven Gulp! formula


The 6” Gulp! Grub is now available in three new colours that complement its existing classic action and Gulp! scent dispersion. Green Haze Fleck, Ocean Shift and Violet Haze Fleck are the new additions to the lineup. Don’t be seen on the snapper grounds this year without a pack!



ModelSKUPackagingColorPackage CountBait LengthBait ShapeRRP
GSG5-NP SW GULP GRUB 5IN NEW PENNY1509675BagNew Penny45in | 13cmGrub$13.99
GSG5-CCH SW GULP GRUB 5IN CURRIED CHCKEN1509679BagCurried Chicken45in | 13cmGrub$13.99
GSG5-MCK SW GULP GRUB 5IN Mackerel1509680BagMackerel45in | 13cmGrub$13.99
GSG5-CLRR SW GULP GRUB 5IN CLR RED FLECK1509682BagClear Red Fleck45in | 13cmGrub$13.99
GSG5-SDN SW GULP GRUB 5IN SARDINE1509683BagSardine45in | 13cmGrub$13.99
GSG5-PK SW GULP GRUB 5IN PINK1509684BagPink45in | 13cmGrub$13.99
GSG6-NP SW GULP GRUB 6IN NEW PENNY IR1130760BagNew Penny46in | 15cmGrub$14.99
GSG6-NCH SW GULP GRUB 6IN NUC CHICKEN SX1130761BagNuclear Chicken46in | 15cmGrub$14.99
GSG6-PSH SW GULP GRUB 6IN PINK SHINE1130763BagPink Shine46in | 15cmGrub$14.99
GSG6-SR GULP SW 6IN SALMON RED1361146BagSalmon Red46in | 15cmGrub$14.99
GSG6-CLRR SW GULP GRUB 6IN CLR RED FLECK1509694BagClear Red Fleck46in | 15cmGrub$14.99
GSG6-CCH SW GULP GRUB 6IN CURRIED CHCKEN1509696BagCurried Chicken46in | 15cmGrub$14.99
GSG6-OBS SW GULP GRUB 6IN ORNG BLY SHRMP1509699BagOrange Belly Shrimp46in | 15cmGrub$14.99
GSG6-RDBS SW GULP GRUB 6IN RED BLY SHRMP1509700BagRed Belly Shrimp46in | 15cmGrub$14.99
GSG6-BCFZ SW GULP GRUB 6IN AMERICA1521178BagAmerica46in | 15cmGrub$14.99
GSG6-BLBLG SW GULP GRUB 6IN BLACK BLING1521179BagBlack Bling46in | 15cmGrub$14.99
GSG6-AMC SW GULP GRUB 6IN BLACK CHRT FUZE1521180BagBlack Chart Fuze46in | 15cmGrub$14.99
GSG6-VIOHF SW GULP GRUB 6IN VIOHAZEFLEC1595942BagViolet Haze Fleck46in | 15cmGrub$14.99
GSG6-OCSFT SW GULP GRUB 6IN OCEANSHIFT1595943BagOcean Shift46in | 15cmGrub$14.99
GSG6-GREHF SW GULP GRUB 6IN GREHAZFLEC1595945BagGreen Haze Fleck46in | 15cmGrub$14.99


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