Gulp!® Jerk Shad

  • Gulp releases 400 times more scent than plastic baits.
  • Gulp is available in a huge range of shapes and sizes.
  • Gulp has been proven effective on just about every New Zealand species of fish.


A fantastic soft bait for larger species, Gulp! Jerk shads are dynamite the leading snapper soft bait in the country. They are also irresistible to just about any predatory species that swims and eats small baitfish. snapper, kingfish, kahawai, trevally, gurnard and even tuna have all been taken on Gulp! Jerk shads.

Everything from reef fish to pelagics can’t resist the combination of baitfish profile, Gulp! scent and darting, fluttering wounded baitfish action that can be imparted with a simple jerking retrieve technique. Rigged on a Nitro Saltwater Pro or if fishing deepwater a Nitro Elevator hook they are an outstanding fish catching tool.

Sizes: 5″, 6″, 7″ & 9″


SKUDescriptionSizeBait ShapeColourRRP
1120256GSJS5-SDN SW GULP JERK SHAD 5IN SRDN NV5IN | 12.7CMJerkshadSardine$14.99
1120257GSJS5-NP SW GULP JERK SHAD 5IN NW PNY IR5IN | 12.7CMJerkshadNew Penny$14.99
1120258GSJS5-WRG SW GULP JERK SHAD 5IN WRDGL FR5IN | 12.7CMJerkshadWatermelon Glow$14.99
1120261GSJS5-C SW GULP JERK SHAD 5IN CAMO 145IN | 12.7CMJerkshadCamo$14.99
1121791GSJS5-BPN SW GULP JRK SHD 5IN BLPPRNE TB5IN | 12.7CMJerkshadBlue Pepper Neon$14.99
1121792GSJS5-CH SW GULP JERK SHAD 5IN CHART 695IN | 12.7CMJerkshadChartreuse$14.99
1121794GSJS5-NCH SW GULP JRK SHD 5IN NUC CKN SX5IN | 12.7CMJerkshadNuclear Chicken$14.99
1121797GSJS5-SAS SW GULP JRK SHD 5IN SAP SHN SS5IN | 12.7CMJerkshadSapphire Shine$14.99
1123827GSJS5-LTG SW GULP JRKSHD 5IN LMTGRGLO SW5IN | 12.7CMJerkshadLime Tiger Glow$14.99
1123828GSJS5-PSH SWGULPJERKSHAD 5IN PNKSHINE UH5IN | 12.7CMJerkshadPink Shine$14.99
1140530GSJS5-SCH GULP SW 5IN JRKSHD SATAYCKN YH5IN | 12.7CMJerkshadSatay Chicken$14.99
1199479GSJS5-PIL SWGULP JRKSHAD5IN PILCHARDAAO5IN | 12.7CMJerkshadPilchard$14.99
1292914GSJS5-FT GULP JRKSHD 5IN FIRETIGER5IN | 12.7CMJerkshadFire Tiger$14.99
1588569GSJS5-VIOHF SW 5IN JERK SHAD VIOHAZEFLEC5IN | 12.7CMJerkshadViolet Haze Fleck$14.99
1588570GSJS5-OCSFT SW 5IN JERK SHAD OCEANSHIFT5IN | 12.7CMJerkshadOcean Shift$14.99
1595933GSJS5-GREHF SW 5IN JRKSHD GREHAZFLEC5IN | 12.7CMJerkshadGreen Haze Fleck$14.99
1156872GSJS6-NP SWGULP JERKSHAD 6IN NW PNY TW6IN | 15CMJerkshadNew Penny$15.99
1156873GSJS6-NCH SWGULP JRKSHD 6IN NUC CKN TW6IN | 15CMJerkshadNuclear Chicken$15.99
1156876GSJS6-PSH SWGULPJERKSHAD 6IN PNKSHINE TW6IN | 15CMJerkshadPink Shine$15.99
1548116GSJS6-LTG SWGULP JRKSHD 6IN LIME TGR GlW6IN | 15CMJerkshadLime Tiger Glow$15.99
1123847GSJS7-LTG SW GULP JRKSHD 7IN LMTGRGLO SW7IN | 17.7CMJerkshadLime Tiger Glow$16.99
1123850GSJS7-NCH SWGULP JRK SHD 7IN NCLRCHKN SX7IN | 17.7CMJerkshadNuclear Chicken$16.99
1562587GSJS7-SMUL GULP SW 7IN JRKSHD SLVR MLT7IN | 17.7CMJerkshadSilver Mullet$16.99
1562589GSJS7-CRTR GULP SW 7IN JRKSHD CORALTROUT7IN | 17.7CMJerkshadCoral Trout$16.99
1595928GSJS7-VIOHF SW 7IN JRKSHD VIOHAZEFLEC7IN | 17.7CMJerkshadViolet Haze Fleck$16.99
1595929GSJS7-OCSFT SW 7IN JRKSHD OCEANSHIFT7IN | 17.7CMJerkshadOcean Shift$16.99
1595931GSJS7-GREHF SW 7IN JRKSHD GREHAZFLEC7IN | 17.7CMJerkshadGreen Haze Fleck$16.99
1519281GSJS9-NCH GULP JRKSHD 9IN NUCLEAR CHICKN9IN | 22.8CMJerkshadNuclear Chicken$17.99
1519283GSJS9-PIL GULP JRKSHD 9IN PILCHARD9IN | 22.8CMJerkshadPilchard$17.99


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