Gulp!® Squid Vicious

  • Gulp releases 400 times more scent than plastic baits.
  • Gulp is available in a huge range of shapes and sizes.
  • Gulp has been proven effective on just about every Australian species of fish.


Developed for deep water reef fishing, the Squid Vicious imitates a squid head or small octopus. In the water the legs pulsate at the slowest of speeds allowing the Squid Vicious to be fished as a static bait with just gentle lifts of the rod tip to impart it’s deadly action. Those waving arms are also working on the way down with hits on ‘the drop’ a common occurrence.

Ideal for reef fishing the Squid Vicious can be dropped down on the reef with an appropriately sized Nitro jighead and kept in the strike zone for extended periods.

Testing has proven snapper and kingfish in the south and fingermark in the north find it hard to resist the waving arms of Squid Vicious.
Size: 6″


SKUDescriptionSizeBait ShapeColourRRP
1242957GSSQV6-NP GLSW SQUID VICIOUS 6IN NEWPNY6IN | 15CMSquidNew Penny$15.99
1242959GSSQV6-BCT GLSW SQUID VICIOUS 6IN BLKCT6IN | 15CMSquidBlack Catalpa$15.99
1242960GSSQV6-PSH GLSW SQUID VICIOUS 6IN PKSHN6IN | 15CMSquidPink Shine$15.99
1242961GSSQV6-NCH GLSW SQUID VICIOUS 6IN NUCCH6IN | 15CMSquidNuclear Chicken$15.99
1242962GSSQV6-OTG GLSW SQUID VICIOUS 6IN ORTGR6IN | 15CMSquidOrange Tiger$15.99
1562583GSSQV6-PKBS GL SQD VISC 6IN PNKBLYSHRM6IN | 15CMSquidPink Belly Shrimp$15.99
1562584GSSQV6-OBS GL SQD VISC 6IN ORANGE BLYSHR6IN | 15CMSquidOrange Belly Shrimp$15.99
1562586GSSQV6-OPNT GL SQD VISC 6IN OPENING NGHT6IN | 15CMSquidOpening Night$15.99


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