You’ve rigged your lures, tied your knots, and you’ve travelled to the location you plan to fish. Now it’s time to understand what to do once you come in contact with a fish that wants to bite, because at any time it could well be the fish you’ve always dreamed of catching! It’s important to know a few basics to ensure your best chance of successfully hooking, fighting & landing a fish. Hear from Pro Team angler Sam Wilkinson, as he runs you through the process from start to finish to help you prepare for your next catch

With so many soft bait options in todays market, it’s sometimes hard to know which technique should be used for your chosen bait. For someone just starting out, it’s not uncommon for a lure to be worked too much, pulling the lure away from the fishes feeding zone. Sam Wilkinson, Berkley Pro Team angler shares [...]Rigging a soft bait correctly is often overlooked by anglers of all skill levels. Watch as Sam Wilkinson, Berkley Pro Team angler shows you a few tips and tricks to getting your soft bait rigged straight and centred, so that your next cast has it’s best shot at success

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