Selecting the correct jighead for your soft bait is important to understand when starting out with soft bait fishing. Jigheads come in a huge range of weights and hook sizes which can be changed out during the day depending on how you want your lure to react below the water. Matching the right jighead with your lure and fishing conditions, will help you catch more fish! Watch as Pro Team angler Sam Wilkinson, explains how to choose the right jighead to ensure your soft bait does what it’s intended to do

Rigging a soft bait correctly is often overlooked by anglers of all skill levels. Watch as Sam Wilkinson, Berkley Pro Team angler shows you a few tips and tricks to getting your soft bait rigged straight and centred, so that your next cast has it’s best shot at successBerkley Fishing has one of the largest range of soft baits on the market and they all serve a purpose to help you catch more fish! Selecting the right profile and colour on the day is often what leads you to success on the water, but the choices can sometimes be overwhelming. Watch and learn [...]

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