Berkley Fishing has one of the largest range of soft baits on the market and they all serve a purpose to help you catch more fish! Selecting the right profile and colour on the day is often what leads you to success on the water, but the choices can sometimes be overwhelming. Watch and learn from Berkley Pro Team angler Sam Wilkinson, as he shows you a few basics when selecting the right bait and colour to suit your fishing scenario.

Selecting the correct jighead for your soft bait is important to understand when starting out with soft bait fishing. Jigheads come in a huge range of weights and hook sizes which can be changed out during the day depending on how you want your lure to react below the water. Matching the right jighead with [...]Catching fish on soft baits or other lures can require you to land your offering in a specific location, often a reasonable distance from the boat or bank Using a correct casting technique plays a big part for successful anglers, and getting it right might be the difference between catching or not catching. Berkley Pro [...]

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