[ Q & A with JON PROCHNOW ]


Q. How does Gulp! Gel work?

It works on the fish’s Olfactory system (taste and smell). The attractants used in Gulp! Gel are much the same as the Gulp! moulded baits. The scent and flavour is dispersed in the water so that the fish can detect the baits by taste and smell. Unfortunately, unlike the Gulp! moulded bait the scent and flavour dispersion is temporary and needs to be reapplied as the Gel dissolves away.

Q. How was it developed?

Gulp! Gel was developed in the lab and on the water. The main objective was to disperse the Gulp! flavours and scents into the water off of any bait surface, hard and soft.


Q. How was it tested?

Gulp! Gel was tested for adhesion in flow tanks in the Berkley Fish Research Labs at Spirit Lake, USA. We looked at various surfaces from live baits to metal spoons and jigs.  It was also extensively field tested in various environments and conditions in Australia, from barramundi in the north to trout in the south.

Q. What can it be applied to?

The low viscosity Gel embodiment allows for easy application to all dry bait surfaces. For maximum adhesion to the surface of the bait it needs to be as dry as possible. It will stick to wet surfaces also but the adhesion is much less.

Q. How is it best applied?

Repeated applications are required as the Gel dissolves. Concentrate on grooves on soft baits that will hold Gel better than smooth surfaces, or connection points such as split rings and the underside of hard bait bibs.

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